Friday, 11 February 2011


Finding out Matt Ward is writing the GK Codex has put a right old damper on my passion to re-do my GKs; given his efforts thus far in 5th I have difficulty believing the book will be about anything other than selling DreadKnight kits (which, by the way, look like fucking Optimus Prime), that the army will be anything other than bland and soulless, or that he will be able to resist the desire to make GKs an Ultramarines successor Chapter and retcon the Inquisition so it was invented by some Sergeant from the Third Company.  Or maybe Rowboat himself.

So bollocks to it, it's Dark Eldar time!

I haven't really digested the Codex yet but as near as I can tell it is yet more Phil Kelly filth in much the same style as the Space Wolves book; lots of bodies, lots of guns, lots of options, however where the Wolves can spread the hate throughout the entire army the Sexy Elves seem to be more about specialisation, and avoiding damage altogether rather than soaking it in stoic, mean-bastard Space Viking style.

I'mma get on that now.  Lists... soon.

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