Monday, 7 February 2011

My Wolves - A Rejig

HQ - 320
Rune Priest w/ Tempest's Wrath, Living Lightning
Wolf Lord w/ TW Mount, Frost Blade, Storm Shield, 2x Wolves

Elites - 215
Wolf Guard
- 3x PAWG w/ combi-melta
- 1x TAWG w/ Chainfist & Storm Shield
- 1x TAWG w/ CML, Storm Shield & Wolf Claw

Troops - 685
3 of:
Grey Hunters - 115
- 5 bods, Meltagun. Rhino
2 of:
Grey Hunters - 160
- 5 bods, Plasma Gun, Las/ Plas RB

Fast Attack - 105
TWC x1 w/ PFist & SS

Heavy Support - 195
3 of:
Long Fangs
- 2x ML

It breaks down like this:
- Wolf Lord & the TWC dude
- Rune Priest and the Chainfist in one of the 5-man GH footsloggers
- Cyclone WG with the other 5-man GH footsloggers
- Two Razorbacks
- Three combi-Melta WG with the three Meltas-In-A-Box GH packs
- Three Long Fangs packs

The basic idea is this; I have 5 vehicles and lots of bodies.  40 to be exact, plus the little Cavalry unit, which is basically a Monstrous Creature that will come and get you if you don't deploy properly.  And even if you do.

It still needs tweaks but I think it fits better into the Space Wolves themes of flexibility and 'fucking shit everywhere goddamn' than the last list did.

Also hidden Chainfist lol.

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